Dear Friends and Colleagues,


It’s that time again- your UAMT board is compiling content to be featured in the next Biannual UAMT newsletter, to be published in April. Thank you so much for your input on the first newsletter, published in November.


Please read on to learn about how you can contribute!


1. Member Spotlight: Know a member of UAMT who has been doing incredible work? Nominate him or her to be featured in the member spotlight section. We are looking for members of UAMT who have gone above and beyond in terms of clinical work, advocacy, research, community relations, and/or education of future music therapists. In your nomination, please include contact information for yourself and others who can speak to the nominee’s work in addition to a short narrative describing your reasoning for nominating this person.


2. Shout Outs: Know of a member who deserves a pat on the back? We’d love to know about it. This section will be a place to give kudos to people who are celebrating the completion of a degree, completion of an internship, acceptance of a new position, acceptance of a leadership position, ect. Please include a photo of the member to be spotlighted if possible.


3. Community Resources: Know of any opportunities for Utah music therapists to educate themselves, work on clinical skills, or improve upon their musicality? Please share.


4. Feature Article: Have an opinion about the goings-on of Utah music therapy? We are searching for a UAMT member to write an article to be featured in the upcoming newsletter. This article should be of an editorial style, and approximately 1,500-2,000 words. Submissions should include a writing sample and a short description of your intended topic. (Note: There were no submissions for this category for the previous newsletter. If you or someone you know has strong opinions that the membership would benefit from reading, this can be your chance! Use your voice!)


5. Utah Music Therapy in the Media: Know of an article or news story featuring Utah music therapy? Please forward a link or scanned copy to the email below so that it can be shared with the rest of the membership!


6. Ideas? If you have any additional ideas regarding what you would like to be included in your newsletter, feel free to let us know!


Please direct your responses or questions to

(Submissions should be submitted by March 15th.)


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Alex Damiano

Your UAMT Historian

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